TemPlaza: Heading

This element is used to add custom headings to your page. You can easily customize headings to fit your page.


TemPlaza: Gallery Portfolio

This element is used to show your works added in Dashboard > Portfolios. 

In Templaza: Gallery Portfolio module, you can select the category and number of portfolio columns.

TemPlaza: List Posts

This element is used to show posts created in Dashboard > Posts. In this element, you select the Post Category and Layout which should be Grid. 

Then, you can configure the number of collumns on viewport in Grid Setting part. 

TemPlaza Elements

Elementor which is one of the main plugins to create our themes has provided you with a massive collection of default elements (modules). You can take advantages of these elements to build your pages.

Besides, to support you create a perfect website with our themes, several built-in elements customized by TemPlaza are added. In the module table, you scroll down and find TEMPLAZA section: