This element is used to show your dealers in a beautiful way. In this element, you are going to select Layout, Style, Number of Dealers and select to show/hide dealer information including title, map and phone.

Single Image

This element is used to show your image with content and a button.

Vehicle Single Type

This element shows total vehicles of a selected vehicle type.


Button Autoshowroom

You can configure the Button element and add it to your page easily:


Our Team

This element allows you to show up all your talent team members easily.


This element allows you to add Newsletter form to your pages easily.

Taxonomy Vehicle

This element allows to show your available Vehicle Make or Vehicle Type. To use this element, you must have vehicle makes and vehicle types available.

To add Vehicle Makes and Vehicle Types, you go to Vehicles > Makes and Vehicle > Vehicle Types

Mailchimp Signup

To use this element, make sure that you have Mailchimp Plugin installed

Then, you just enter other information: Form Title, Subtitle, Mailchimp Shortcode. You navigate to MC4WP section to set up this plugin and get the shortcode.

In Image Option tab, you can use default position or edit the image position compared to Sign Up form:

  • Position Right: Change your image position horizontally.
  • Position Top: Change your image position vertically.

Image Slider

Show your images in slide style. With this element, you can set up to play the slides automatically, show navigation arrows.


List Style

This element is used to display your content in lists. It is easy to select an icon and enter your content.