Light Gallery

This is an additional way for you to display your image gallery – Light Gallery. After uploading your images, there are some options to edit how your images display.

  • Image Size: Your image size can be thumbnail, medium, large full or a specific value. If you leave this field empty, Thumbnail size will be applied.
  • Border radius: This option is used to define how rounded border corners are. Eg: 10 (px)
  • Padding item: Used to change the space between 2 images (both horizontally and vertically). Eg: 15 (px)


This element is used to add your advertisement information including Image and Text. There are 2 tabs available for you to insert information:

  • General Option: In this tab, you can select positions of Image and Text. It is easy to set height of the ads box, add title and description and select background color.
  • Image Option: Your image is uploaded here. You can select to view different image size.


This element is used to add your posts to your pages in Grid or Slider layout


This element allows you to show real statistics in an attractive way to impress your visitors. You can easily select the icon and animation. The icons are blurred behind the number.


This element is used to show what customers say about your products and services.


Portfolio Vehicle

This element includes 2 tabs: General & Responsive tab. In General tab, you can show different vehicles based on their Makes which are created in Dashboard --> Vehicles --> Makes. You can also select specifications. In Responsive tab, there are some options for you to select number of items seen on different screens such as: desktop, tablet and mobile.

There are 2 types of portfolios you can use to show your vehicles: List & Grid

Service Item

With this element, you can introduce shortly about your website, company or your services. You are able to upload an image, your external links and description.

There are 5 styles available so that you can select 1 type for your website.

Featured Vehicle

This element allows you to show your featured vehicles. In General tab, you can select any vehicle from your collection and choose vehicle specifications you want to show. In Tiny Slider Option, you can select number items shown in screen and whether the slider plays automatically or not.

There are 4 types available. You can select one of them and configure this element like you want:


Scroll Object

In this element, you can set up different scrolling effect for your image to make your website look lively. This image includes 2 tabs:

  • General: Upload your content, select Scrolling start and end point which can be from bottom of the object or from top of the object.
  • Animation: Add different attributes of your effect. To understand these attributes, you can refer to this document

Our Process

With this element, you can show your visitors all your processes in a clear order. You can number, name and add description for each stage. You can also put an external link for any further information.