Golden Hearts – About Us

To set up About Us page, you have to install the required plugins including Elementor Website Builder and TemPlaza Elements.

Install required plugins

Steps to Create the page:

  • Please go to Wp-admin > Pages > Add new
  • Enter the page's title
  • Select a templaza style: Full - Width
  • Start to edit the page's content with Elementor

The page was created with different Elementor widgets: Heading, Image, UI Text, Button, UI Lightbox, UI Post, Image Carousel

About Us section

This section includes a heading, image, UI Text and background image.

  • Create a new section with 2 columns, drag & drop those elements into each column

Background image

To edit the background image, please click to edit the column > tab "Style" > background image > Choose an image

  • Position: Bottom Left
  • Repeat: No-repeat
  • Size: Contain

UI Image

This image will be invisible on Laptops, Tablets, and mobile devices (according to our demo settings)

  • Add UI Image, and select your image
  • Configure its size (ex: 300x300)
  • Go to Advanced tab > Responsive > Configure its responsive visibility
Background image


This part is built with a Counter element

  • Create an inner section in the column, drag & drop Counter element into it
  • Configure counter options
Configure Counter options

What We Do Section

This section is built with UI Text and UI Card elements

  • Create new sections, drag & drop those elements into them 
  • Add contents and configure their options
What We Do section

UI Lightbox

This section was built with Tempaza Heading and UI Lightbox element

  • Add a new section and drag&drop these elements into it
  • Enter Heading title
  • Insert a video's URL and choose an icon with Lightbox element.
  • Background image: Click to edit the section > tab Style > edit background image
    - Position: default
    - Repeat: No-repeat
    - Size: Cover
UI Lightbox

Our History section

This section is built with UI Text, UI Timeline
Our History title:

  • Create a new section and add UI Text to it
  • Enter a title and add your content


  • Create another new section and add UI Timeline to it
  • Add different timeline items and configure their title, timeline date, meta-text, and content
History Timeline

Trusted Donors Section

This section is built with Title and Image Carousel element


  • Create a new section and add a title element to it
  • Enter a title 

Trusted Donors:

  • Create a new section and add Image Carousel element to it
  • Select images from your media library
  • Configure related options
Image Carousel