Golden Hearts – Home Page 1

To set up Home Page 1, you have to install required plugins included: Elementor Website Builder and TemPlaza Elements.

Click begin installing plugins to install plugins

The Home Page was created with different Elementor widgets.

Steps to Create the Home demo menu items

The Main Home page on the demo site was built with: Slider Revolutions, Heading, UI Card, Counter, UI Text, Button, UI Lightbox, UI Post.


Step 1: Create a new page

Go to wp-admin -> Pages -> Add New Page -> Edit with Elementor -> Publish

Add title -> Edit with Elementor
Select Templaza style: Home page

Step 2: Configure Elementor widgets

Used widgets on home page 1: Slider Revolutions, Heading, UI Card, Counter, UI Text, Button, UI Lightbox, Testimonials, UI Post, UI Image, WP Upcoming Events.

1. Heading section

Heading section uses TemPlaza: Heading, Text and Button

1.1. TemPlaza: Heading Widget
Add a title, highlight and after highlight text. Configure heading style and highlight effect.
1.2. Text Editor
Replace dummy text with your own content
1.3. Button

Enter your text and link -> configure button style and alignment

1.4. UI Image


This image is hidden on small screens. Please click on Advanced tab > Responsive > Configure its visibility on different devices.

1.5 Background image

To edit the background image behind UI Image, click to edit column > Style tab > Change the background image.

2. UI Card

Add section with 4 columns -> Drag ‘n drop TemPlaza UI Card Widget.

Enter your title, content, and select an icon for each card column

Extra settings

Choose Layout Type and Icon
Choose Card Style and Card Size
Add button text and style.

3. Counters

Add a section with 2 columns, drag & drop Counter widget. Set starting number, ending number, number suffix, and title. 

Background image: Click on “edit column” to change the background image of the column.

4. Upcoming Events

This section was built with elements: UI Text, button, WP Upcoming Events 

4.1. TemPlaza: UI Text

Create a new section with 2 columns, the first column is added with UI Text. You should enter a title (Upcoming Events and content)

Enter your title, subtitle and content.
4.2. Button – View All Events

Use the “Button” element to create this “View All Events” call-to-action button. Enter the button text, link, set its alignment, size.

4.3. Upcoming events

Please go to Wp-admin > Events > create your events. Upcoming Events need to have starting dates after the current date. 

Back to the home page, create a new section and use “WP Upcoming Events” element.

5. Our Causes section

5.1. UI Text

This element is used to create the title and description of Our Causes section. Drag & drop UI Text to a new section and enter its title and content.

5.2. Our causes articles & settings

Go to WP-Admin > Causes > Add new. Here you can create new articles for the Causes sections. Edit the article’s content with Elementor, below the article’s title, you’ll see several cause options: Cause goal, Cause donate settings
– If select “Inherit from settings, all global settings will be applied.
– If you select “Custom”, you’re supposed to configure options right below

Navigate to Settings tab > here you’re able to configure: PayPal settings, donate form message, donation amount, etc.

Configure PayPal settings

Configure message and donation amounts

6. UI Lightbox

This section includes heading and a lightbox video

Add heading title and highlighted title

Lightbox video: this video was built with UI Lightbox element

Enter the video’s URL and select an icon

Background image: please click to edit the column, you’ll be able to change the background image of this section.

7. Latest News Section

This section was built with elements: Templaza – heading, button and UI Posts

Add a new section with 2 columns, drag & drop Templaza – Heading element, and Button element to each column. 

Below should be a section using UI Posts. Choose post resource and category. You can configure available options: Ordering, Limit, and manage the number of post columns on different devices.