Agruco – Inventory

An inventory page was created to display products with advanced information as a way of attracting shoppers. 

To build the inventory page, it requires you to install and activate the Advanced Products plugin. 

inventory page
Single advanced product

1. Create custom group field and custom field

Before creating advanced product data, you're supposed to create custom group fields and custom fields first. 

Please go to Advanced Products > Custom group fields

Create a field group
  • Enter the field group title
  • Assign it to a parent custom field group to create a hierarchy if needed
  • Assign it to branches (created in the branch section of advanced products)
Create a single field

Field Type:

  • Enter the field label, field name
  • Field type: select a field type available from the drop-down list
  • Required: set where this field is required or optional
  • Default value: you can enter a default value that always appears when creating a new post
  • Placeholder text: enter the text that appears in the input of the field
  • Character limit: set the number of characters limited in the field (or leave blank for no limit)

Custom Field Group: Assign the custom field to a specific Custom Field Group

Field Display: you can enable the custom field to be visible on:

  • Listing view: the page displays all advanced products
  • Search View: the advanced product search on the sidebar

2. Create Branches

Please go to Advanced Product > Branches

  • Enter the branch’s name
  • Assign to a parent branch if needed
  • Upload the branch’s image if required
  • Assign the branch to specific group fields


3. Create Advanced Products

Please go to WP-Admin > Advanced Products > Add new products

Here you can configure different elements of the advanced product including property, vegetable info, brochure, pricing

Create content tabs with Tabs element
  • Please create the product content with Elementor. You can use Tabs element to create content tabs: Description, Certificate & Award, Contact & Location
Create FAQs
  • To create FAQs, you can use TemPlaza – Heading to create the heading “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” and TemPlaza – UI Accordion to create questions with accordion style

4. Advanced Products Options

Please go to Agruco Options > Settings > Advanced Products Options

  • Advanced Product Archive
  • Advanced Product Single
  • Advanced Product Related

4.1 Advanced Product Archive

  • Shop Layout: choose a suitable layout (Grid or Masonry)
  • Large Desktop Columns: Set the number of products per row large desktop (1600px and larger)
  • Desktop Columns: Set the number of products per row (1200px and larger)
  • Laptop Columns: Set the number of products per row (960px and larger)
  • Tablet Columns: Set the number of products per row (640px and larger)
  • Mobile Columns: Set the number of products per row on mobile phones
  • Column Gap: Set the size of the gap (gutter) between an element’s columns.
  • Product per page: Set the number of products on the inventory page

4.2 Advanced Products Single

  • Show Office Price: enable or disable the pricing of a product
  • Office Price Label: edit the price label
  • Office Price Form: Choose a form from the list (this form can be created with WP Form plugin)

4.3 Advanced Product Related

  • Show Product Related: enable or disable related products
  • Related title: edit the title of the related products section
  • Number Product Related: set the number of related products displayed
  • Limit Specification: set the number of specifications allowed