Agruco – Home 1

You have to install the required plugins including Elementor Website Builder, TemPlaza Elements, Advanced Products, Woocommerce

The home page was built with Elementor.
Using Templaza style: Home page

Inventory Search

This part is built with Templaza: UI Advanced Product Filter
To build this product filter, you need to create data for brand and category in Woo-commerce first. 

  • Enter the filter's title and title display: Block
  • Select Custom Field: brand and category
  • Submit text: this is the Seach button text
Filter Position

Filter Positioning

In the Advanced tab > Positioning: here you're able to configure position of the product filter

  • Custom width, position (absolute), and vertical offset

Agruco – Edit Footer

Agruco Footer

Edit the footer content

1. Home Pages' Footer

Please go to Admin > Agruco Options > Templates > Edit Home page / Home 2 / Home 3 > Layout

  • Home page template is assigned to Home version 1
  • Home 2 template is assigned to Home version 2
  • Home 3 template is assigned to Home version 3

In the layout section, you're supposed to scroll down to edit the Footer elements.

2. Inner pages' footer

Inner pages are assigned to other prebuilt templates: Inventory, Full-width, No Sidebar, and Shop

First, you should check which template the page is assigned to. (By editing a page, check "Templaza options" to find out which template style your page is assigned to.) 

Ex: Service page is assigned to Full-width template, so you're supposed to edit the layout of this template, then changes will reflect properly in front-end. 

How to have the same footer on all pages without editing different templates

In this case, you should edit the footer content of a template (ex: Home page template), then click "Save Section" 

After that, the Footer section will be saved as a sample in the template library

When editing a footer of other templates, you can click add new section > Select the save Footer section in library. This step will save a lot of time