Golden Hearts – Installation

At first, please make sure your system meets the following requirements

Download Package

Go to > Your Download page. Please download the package from your download page

Installing Golden Hearts Theme

To install the theme correctly, after downloading the theme package from Themeforest, you need to Unzip the package. There are folders inside.

Install Theme via WordPress Admin

  1. Navigate to Appearances--> Themes
  2. Click Add New button and then hit the Upload Theme button
  3. Click on Browser to upload in Theme folder and click Install Now.
  4. Click Activate to activate the installed themes.

Install Theme via FTP

  1. Unzip in theme folder of theme package.
  2. Upload the extracted folder in previous step into /wp-content / themes/
  3. To activate the theme, go to Appearances --> Themes> and activate it.

Golden Hearts – Home page 3

To set up Home Page 3, please make sure you have installed the required plugins including Elementor Website Builder and TemPlaza Elements.

Install required plugins

Steps to Create the Home page 3 demo

Step 1: Create a template site

  • Go to WP-admin > pages > Add new
  • Enter the page's title 
  • Select a templaza style: Home page 3
  • Start to edit the page's content with Elementor

The Home Page was created with different Elementor widgets: Slider Revolutions, Heading, Image, UI Card, UI Text, Button, UI Lightbox, UI Post, Image Carousel, Testimonials

Create a new page and choose a templaza style

Slider Revolution

This section uses Slider Revolution

  • Add a new section with 1 column, drag & drop "Slider Revolution 6" element
  • Select a module from Slider Revolution Plugin
  • Insert this shortcode: [rev_slider alias="slider-home-version-1" slidertitle="Slider Home Version 1"][/rev_slider]
Slider Revolution

About Us section

This section includes UI Text and background image, button and Testimonials.

  • Create a new section with 2 columns, drag & drop those elements into each column
About us


Drag & drop the Testimonials element to the column

Enter the content, choose an image, person's name, title, image position, alignment

  • Go to the Advanced tab > Positioning
  • Width: Inline
  • Position: Absolute
  • Configure offset of both horizontal and vertical orientation

Background image

To edit the background image, please click to edit the column > tab "Style" > background image > Choose an image

  • Position: Center Center
  • Repeat: No-repeat
  • Size: Cover

Our Mission Section

This section includes Templaza - heading, UI Card. Create new sections, drag & drop those elements to them respectively. 

  • Templaza Heading: Enter heading title and content
  • UI Card: create 4 inner columns and add UI Card widgets to them. Enter each card's title and content
UI Card

Upcoming Events Section

This section includes UI Text, Button and upcoming events

UI Text & button:

  • Create a new section with 2 columns, drag & drop UI Text into the 1st column, the other with a button
  • Edit your text and button

Upcoming Events:

  • Create a new section right below the Upcoming Events title, and add the WP Upcoming Events widget to it.

This section will automatically derive upcoming events from Events sector

  • Configure the number of events to show, order, and order by
Configure upcoming events

Our Causes section

This section includes UI Text for the title and UI Posts for Causes articles

  • For the title "Our Causes", please add a new section, then drag & drop UI Text element into it
  • Enter a title and content
  • Continue to add another new section, drag & drop UI Posts element into it
  • Choose a resource, category, and configure the number of columns on devices.
  • Move to Slider Settings, enable the option "Display Articles as Slider"
Our Causes
Enable Slider Option

UI Lightbox

This section was built with Tempaza UI Lightbox element

  • Add a new section and drag&drop UI Lightbox to it
  • Insert a video's URL and choose an icon

Background image

Click to edit the section > tab Style> background > Change the background image

Latest News Section

This section includes UI Text, Button, and UI Posts:

  • Create a new section with 2 columns, drag & drop UI Text into the 1st column, and the other with a button
  • Another new section below will be filled with UI Posts
  • Choose a resource, categories, ordering and configure the number of columns on devices
Latest News

Import Templaza template styles

Import templaza styles

Step 1: Create a template style

  • Go to unzipped folder -> data-import -> templates
  • Go to wp-admin -> Theme Options -> Templates -> Click "Add New" -> Import / Export
  • Insert Template title -> Click Publish
  • Choose import file to import file
  • Then you'll see the template layout displayed in the Layout tab

You can create your own templates or import prebuilt ones to save your time.

Template layout