Agruco – Import Demo Content

Agruco theme supports users to import its demo content with 1-click. This process requires you to activate the product license purchased on themeforest first. Let’s start!

1. Activate product license

You’re supposed to activate the product license before starting to import the demo content.

  • Please go to Agruco Options > Dashboard > Click “Activate Product
  • Popup will appear immediately. Click “Proceed” to complete Theme Activation
  • Your license will be visible in the license information box

Click “Active Product” to begin the process
Popup will appear immediately. Click “Proceed” to complete Theme Activation
Product Activation is completed

2. Import Demo Content

After completion of Agruco theme installation, you can start building your awesome WordPress site. It would be easier if you use our demo pages/content/settings instead of starting working from scratch. If you wish to use our demo pages/content/settings then you will have to install demo data and settings as per the installed theme version demo content and configurations.

Warning Importing demo content will import posts, pages, theme options, widgets, images, sliders and other settings. Your existing setup will be replaced with new demo data and settings from the installed theme version demo content and configurations. So we recommend you take the backup of your existing WordPress setup and database for your safety.
John Doe
2.1 Recommended PHP Settings

We recommend below PHP configurations to avoid errors like blank screen, demo content import fails or theme installation error. You can do below configuration changes yourself or contact your hosting provider and ask them to set below configurations.

  • upload_max_filesize 30M
  • post_max_size 128M
  • max_execution_time 180 (This needs to be increased if your server is slow and cannot import data.)
  • memory_limit 256M
  • max_input_vars 2000

You can check PHP configuration settings by installing WordPress phpinfo() extension in WordPress. You can also contact your hosting provider if you don’t know much more about it.

2.2 Demo Import Requirements

You have to install and activate the required plugins: Advanced Products, Elementor, Redux framework, Templaza framework, UIPro

In the tab "Demo Importer" > click to import demo > Select all required plugins and install them.

When they are all installed and activated, select which part of the theme you want to import: content, media, slider ... and start the process.