Posts & How to create

How to Create a Post

Below information provides you with foundations of how to create a post with categories and tags.

A post contains 2 basic elements: Post Categories and Post Tags., so that you can manage all your posts easily. This part will introduce you to post categories and how to create them.

Categories: To add new post categories, navigate to Dashboard --> Posts --> Categories

Tags: To add new tags, go to Dashboard --> Posts --> Tags and add tag name.

To create a post, you follow steps below:

Step 1: Go to Posts –> Add new

Step 2: Add your content, then choose categories and tags.

To add post content, you can use Classic Mode or Backend Editor

Post formats:

AutoShowroom comes with 6 different post formats: Standard, Gallery, Video, Audio, Link and Quote. When you create a new post, you are able to choose what post format you’d like from the tab options about the text editor, and insert necessary content.

  • Standard: With this format, you are only able to add texts into your posts.
  • Gallery: Add bundle of images to your post with this format.
  • Video: You can add Video URL (YouTube or Vimeo)or Embed code here
  • Audio: Similarly, you can add the Audio URL directly or add embed code here. To get these embed codes, you can go to and search for your favorite audio.
  • Link: For this post type, this link will be shown in your detail post instead of your content.
  • Quote: In this type, you can add different quotes, just enter Source name, Source URL, & Content