UI Image

UI Image
  1. Select image: select an image from your media library
  2. Image size: Set the size of your image from the drop-down list of sizes. Or you can choose "custom" option to create a custom size.
  3. Border: Set the border style of the image
  4. Box Shadow: Select the size of box-shadow applied to the image. 
  5. Hover box-shadow: Select the size of box-shadow when you mouse over the image
  6. Blend mode settings: If yes, you can change the look of the image thanks to blending the background color with the image. Let's adjust the background color and choose a blend mode, then see the result. 
  7. Transition: Select the transition style when we hover the image. 2 styles are available: Scale-up and Scale-down
  8. Link type: Choose a link type
  9. Image URL: Enter the full URL that the image will be linked